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Protecting people

We are there for you!

Dear enzo Customers,

We hope you and your families, friends and colleagues are well!
We are very concerned about the current situation in which we are all in. That is why we want to support you and be there for you. For passed 3 months, we have been working for the protection of people both on the holiday and in their free time. "protecting people" is our mission. As a history of 5000 years’ country, we have taken all the necessary measures to protect our people in this unusual situation and we continue to act responsibly.

"protecting people" is our mission.

Many of our customers are now safe at home. But we are still available:
  • Are you a customer and would like to get in touch with us?
    Feel free to contact us at: sales@enzobags.com

  • Are you an enzo’s customers and would like to talk to our support team?
    Please contact us at: Janet (janet.x@enzobags.com)

  • You are a medical professional or care worker and want or need a kits bag when you hanger all accessories in your chest. Think about your own safety – we will gladly provide you with a kits bag free of charge. (Thanks, you are our heroes!).
    Please contact us at: Janet (janet.x@enzobags.com)

    We thank you for your great feedback and hope to protect as many medical personnel with our kits bag as possible on their way to work every day!
    Stay healthy.

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