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Zippered Downtown Diaper Bag - Full Grain Leather - Black Onyx (black)_ENZO

Zippered Downtown Diaper Bag - Full Grain Leather - Black Onyx (black)_ENZO
  • OE239

  • EnzoBags

  • OE239

  • Full Grain leather

  • 12.5"H x 17.75"W x 4.6"D

  • Removable leather wristlet

  • Metal zipper closure

  • 9.3" shoulder drop

1.For fashionable mothers who want a versatile take on the diaper bag, we have created the convertible Zipped Downtown Diaper Bag. Included in the leather tote is a durable nylon insert that sits at the bottom of the bag and has handles attached to the sides for easy removal.

2. The insert is divided into five insulated pockets that can keep your formula warm and your apple sauce pouches cold. A side pocket runs along the exterior where you can slip in a tablet or magazine. As your child outgrows the need of a diaper bag, simply remove the nylon insert and use the tote bag on its own.

3. A removable leather wristlet is attached to the side of the bag where you can keep your phone and car keys tucked away for safe keeping. Casual yet distinctive, our Timeless collection is one of our favorites. This leather boasts a polished finish and a soft hand feel, making it a great choice for any leather connoisseur. And with the variety of colors it comes in, it's easy to find a shade that appeals to you or matches with your other accessories. 

4.As the name implies, our Timeless collection will hold up through years of use while aging gracefully every step of the way. Please note: textures in this collection range from light grain to a lightly pebbled grain depending on which part of the hide it's from.

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